Posted by: AraAraUfufu | June 14, 2012

Eureka Seven AO does not air this week.

Dear one downloader that we have,

they are skipping this week’s broadcast in Japan, hence we can’t sub it. Animation studios are legally required to unchain their slaves animators for one week per year (they call it the Golden Week, cynically enough) so the authorities can fumigate and inspect the place. You see, Japan learned from its Great Animator Plague back in 2004.

Naturally, the animators have been chained back to their desks for a while now; but whipping them into submission after they once again tasted the sweet nectar of freedom takes a while. So: no Eureka Seven AO this week.

We’ll be back next Thursday/Friday with episode 10 (and hopefully more, and more solid, releases).




  1. I’ve seen at least 44 others on the torrent for episode 9 🙂

    Nice seeing the improvements with each release, thanks for all the work!

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