Posted by: AraAraUfufu | June 29, 2012

Eureka Seven AO 11

You may or may not have noticed that we really like Elena. This episode brought us great pleasure (also confusion).

Eureka Seven AO 11
Torrent [720p 8bit]:
Torrent [480p]: Download
XDCC [720p 8bit]
:  /MSG [AraAra]Ulmaevia XDCC SEND 12
XDCC [480p]: /MSG [AraAra]Ulmaevia XDCC SEND 11



  1. looking forward to your patched 720p versions sometime in the future, as my only hope for a watchable version of the show. Wish I could help but my Japanese is limited to /a/ quality (i.e. twenty words on a good day, including baka and bento), and my encoding skillz are around the ‘copying a file from my HD to a USB stick’ level.
    P.S. Alex says he was going to post but he hurt his finger.

  2. Who needs fingers when everyone just talks to their computer?

    As for patches, if you guys plan to do a batch release, I might be tempted to provide a couple of small corrections to the script (typos and such). Don’t have the slightest idea how to go on about that though, as I know all that fansubbing stuff just from a pure consumer perspective….

    • Hey Alex and B1,

      thanks for your comments and your offers. We’ll be thoroughly checking and completely overhauling and revamping the scripts of all previous episodes for the batch/patch, and we hope to get rid of all the mistakes and whatnot that way. You don’t have to subject yourselves to our first episodes, it’s enough when we have to suffer that 😐

      – Ianu

  3. Least worst?

    You guys must be smoking huge dicks, lol.

    • Put up or fucking shut up. Unless you’ve had a role in subbing *at least* an entire series, you have no say.

  4. A special thanks from a Moroccan Guy

  5. I was really surprised by your release. Usually, fansub groups that aren’t well-known are simply lame.
    I have no idea why I have not watched any release of yours until now, and I know I’m going to stick. 🙂

    AND! I’d enlarge the subtitles, by the way. Got no sight issues, but I think the subs are small.

    Big plus – you have ARA ARA in your name, and I’m a big Aria fan.

  6. Not sure about the font, but your subs are excellent. Will be dling from here from now on 🙂

  7. Honestly, I think you are the best choice for this show.
    One advice though:
    Increase the size of the main font. It’s simply too small.
    Other than that, no “complaints”.
    Thanks for your hard work!

  8. I’m back, with two apologies. 1) Obviously it’s not polite to bait trolls without even introducing oneself & 2) I thought you guys must be fscking idiots based on your group’s name, and therefore not competent to do a good fansub.
    I’m still not sure if you’re idiots or not <3, but I DEEPLY regret having picked gg's release over yours (much as it pained me to have to read their subs. I personally cannot stand their "style" of TL). I'll be d/ling (and re-watching) the first 10 from you guys *and* the 10-bit 720 batch when it's ready.
    Superior video/audio encode (thank you SO MUCH for doing a proper AAC encode; most groups these days screw it up in one way or another…); excellent T/L and editing, I only noticed a couple of tiny things, and I can't remember what they were at the moment 😀 (I'm surprised araara is so shy about his/her Japanese skillz – I have no complaints).
    BTW, for trivia junkies – the ep name, "Plateaux of Mirror", is taken from a Brian Eno album released in 1980. Yes, I have it.
    P.S. – "least worst" = EPIC LOL

  9. Hey guys,

    just so I don’t look desperate/creepy replying to your comments one by one, here’s one for y’all:

    Thanks! It’s nice to see people check out our release and find some value in it. We received a lot of helpful feedback, and we will definitely improve based on your suggestions – starting as soon as episode 12, of course.

    By the way, there’s no real need to download our earlier episodes as of yet – some of them simply weren’t very good. You can expect batches and patches for the first cours of Ao in July, with vastly improved, well, everything.

    – Ianu

  10. Frankly, your first 10, in spite of (mostly, from my point of view) a smattering of editing “misses”, present a great deal more information than gg’s. This series seems simple at first, but the longer you watch it, the more complex it gets, even if you’re only talking about the sheer number of governments, alliances, organizations, etc.
    My memory could be totally off on this, but I *swear* I don’t remember the term “Yamato” being used in the first couple of eps by gg. It’s hugely significant.

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