Posted by: AraAraUfufu | July 6, 2012

Eureka Seven AO 12

So this is the episode many people have been waiting for, huh? If we believe Tomoki Kyouda, the director of this show, Eureka Seven AO will be one hell of a ride from now on up until the very end.

We’re happy to have received a lot of feedback that helped us improve this release. Starting from episode 12, we’ll be using different fonts and styling; all batches and patches that are to come will retroactively apply those to our previous episodes. It’s like we’re a real fansub group, right.

Unfortunately, we won’t make it for our usual 24 hour release window next week due to new Karaoke and some real life obligations; it will take something like ~6 more hours, all things considered. Can’t be helped. We’re slowsubbers anyway ¯\(O_o)/¯ (>they don’t release within 12 hours laughingspeedsubbers.gif)

Eureka Seven AO 12
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Bonus Content! Just like the original series, Eureka Seven AO borrows its episode titles from various song and record names. After last week’s The Plateaux of Mirror, a pretty cool 1980 ambient record by Brian Eno and Harold Budd, episode 12 is (probably) named after the 1997 rap hit “Step into a World (Rapture’s Delight)” by South Bronx-based KRS-One.

– Ianu



  1. Huzzah! You guys rule. Your tag line of ‘the least worst AO subs’ is well-deserved. Your translation is the best and most coherent of all of them I’ve seen so far. At first I used GG, but they make their characters swear too much and in odd ways (IE: Gazelle saying “Let’s do some f***ing justice”), and then I used to Hadena (bleugh) for a while, and they were even worse – their Engrish was garbage, and they couldn’t make up their mind whether Noah was male or not, not to mention they ask for donations and never make their promised deadlines (like episode 9 being a week late, and 11 almost as long). Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Thanks for doing this show. I was using GG, but the video quality wasn’t good for me, and the subs were just ridiculous. I actually dropped the show until I found your versions. You do great work. And I appreciate it.

  3. Been trying to fix up a few of the lines, not shure about the result though. Seemed worse when actually watching the episode. Feel free to mock me.
    Diff here:

    • Thanks for your input! When I want back to check the episode, I noticed an embarrassing amount of mistakes, too. I’ll definitely use your comments for when I start editing the scripts for the batch release.

      – Ianu

    • @ Alex: For the record, your ‘corrective’ uses of “it’s” over “its” is incorrect; “its” is the possessive pronoun, whereas “it’s” is a contraction of ‘it is’ or ‘it has’. AraAra was right to use ‘its’ in each of the instances you pointed out.
      Additionally, some of the other ones are simply a matter of preference (end up>come, freedom<mobility), and Ao's incomplete thought of "If Mama is, then I too.." makes more sense grammatically in the original than in your version.

      • Yikes. Sorry about that. I was quite shure about those. Seems it’s what you get sometimes when trusting your sense and not actually check what’s right.

        As for the small rewrites, yes they are just personal preference. Original felt a bit bumpy.
        But I also noticed getting it really right was going to be much more work than I was prepared to invest at the time (not that I have the faintest idea what was said originally).

  4. My only complaint about the font now is that the black border around the text isnt thick enough. (I Don’t know how else to explain it) Like when there is a scene where the text overlaps white background it blends in and makes it hard to read.

    Other than that, thank you very much for the release, and I will be staying with you guys for the rest of the episodes.

    • Hey, thanks for your comment! We haven’t noticed the font blending in with the backgrounds, but that just means me made a mistake in QC then. We’ll take care of that.

      – Ianu

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