Posted by: AraAraUfufu | July 21, 2012

Eureka Seven AO 14

Unlike last week, this episode’s delay was totally unforeseen and we can’t even really pinpoint where and how it came to be. It’s a mystery that will haunt us in the nights to come (seriously!). We’ll try to make sure to really get back on track by next week. In any case, we are terribly sorry for making people wait who actually decided to stick with us… feels bad.

Eureka Seven AO 14
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This week’s bonus content was a tough one. E7AO’s episode titles are neither really mainstream nor all that obscure – nor do they have anything to do with the episodes themselves, really.

Trying to find out which song was referenced here was pretty hard since there’s a whole lot of songs named “Starfire” out there, but none comes to mind as the obvious one. Sure, we do have an obligatory Trance track, but it’s so bad that I’d rule it out. We’d have a track by late John Barry of James Bond fame, but that one is unlikely as well, I guess. And don’t get me fucking started on DragonForce or Airwolf, I refuse to believe they could have used any one of those shit songs.

My research left me with the two tracks by that name that I already knew beforehand, one of which I’ll be putting my money on. Popular lo-fi darlings Guided by Voices have a song named “Starfire” out, but it’s off their 2012 record Class Clown Spots a UFO so I guess this is too recent. Instead, I present you a song by the seminal (and really great) slowcore band Low, track #2 on their 1999 record Secret Name. Admittedly, I might be wrong here, but fuck if I let this chance pass by to link Low. Good stuff.

– Ianu




    Thanks for the subs!

  2. TYVM (”’) =^w^= (”’)

  3. thanks for the release.

    one question, when can we expect the batch?

    • We’re aiming for a July release, possibly after the weekend.

      – Ianu

  4. Can we get a status update? I suppose the late release of HQ raws lead to a delay?

    • Oh, right, status update… it’s out =)

      – Ianu

  5. awesome track. I knew about Low, but I’ve never heard this one for some reason.

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