Posted by: AraAraUfufu | August 31, 2012

Eureka Seven AO 18

We have identified sleep as the main offender for our delays. Sleep is also the cousin of death, they say. We decided to just never sleep again and instead subsist on a steady diet of fansubbing to continue bringing you the least worst E7AO subs.

480p torrent and XDCC might be a bit later today/tonight or even tomorrow for the same reason why inital seeding will be pretty slow: our encoder and distro wizard is taking a well-deserved long weekend vacation. Sorry for the slow speed!

Edit: 480p is up after a long wait. Shouldn’t happen again, though. Regardless: sorry!

Eureka Seven AO 18
Torrent [720p 8bit]:
Torrent [480p]: Download
XDCC [720p 8bit]: /MSG [AraAra]Ulmaevia XDCC SEND 25
XDCC [480p]: /MSG [AraAra]Ulmaevia XDCC SEND 26

I’m laying down my arms, re: “Don’t Look Down”. The AMG knows a plethora of songs by that name, a couple of which are by fairly popular/relevant artists like one David Bowie, one Neil Diamond (RIP space bicyclist!), one Frank Sinatra or one Iggy Pop. Also Lil Wayne but fuck Lil Wayne. It will probably be some obscure untz/wub Macbook play button pusher expert knob twiddler but I’m not going where the sun don’t shine.

– Ianu



  1. thanks

  2. Thanks for the subs!

    As for the song, Wikipedia (lol) lists out the “Go West” version, which seems to fit with the theme of this episode.

    • V2Blast looked into this recently, and as is wont for Wikipedia, the info is conjured up out of thin air basically; the titles stem from the Japanese wikipedia page with no source or reference given. Hence I will continue abusing this corner of the internet to my heart’s content =3

      – Ianu

  3. I’ve heard that you guys are some of the best fansubbers, so I decided to check you out! So far so good! I’m also liking the steady releases, as opposed to some of the other fansubbers who are late a lot of the time. Thanks a lot! 😀

  4. I’m glad you guys are keeping a rather optimistic outlook of the show despite the questionable pacing and direction. It makes my mood better when I watch the episode, unlike some sites…

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

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