Posted by: AraAraUfufu | September 14, 2012

Eureka Seven AO 20

Various things happened that led to me editing and timing this episode on a potato and Bynoe dying of sepsis since he cut his toe in half while fansubbing. He came back from the dead to bring you the least worst fansubs so that is pretty cool; I’m still stuck with my potato, though. Fuck.

Eureka Seven AO 20
Torrent [720p 8bit]:
Torrent [480p]: Download
XDCC [720p 8bit]: /MSG [AraAra]Ulmaevia XDCC SEND 29
XDCC [480p]: /MSG [AraAra]Ulmaevia XDCC SEND 30

Again, there’s a whole lot of songs by the name of this episode. Since I don’t want it to be sleep-inducing muzak or terrible dad rock, I’m picking a 1989 track by French post-punk coldwave darlings Asylum Party. More than enough pathos at least.

– Ianu



  1. DL Link gives 404 error, cant download 😦

    • Sorry, that was a stupid mistake on my part.

      – Ianu

  2. Thanks!

  3. Thanks

  4. Thanks! watching this show with your subs is really worth it! 😀

  5. This episode was frustrating… I’m just banking on the fact that the series will have a satisfying ending now.

  6. “Fansubbing is dangerous business”.

  7. And gg is once again late… Good for us, I guess.

    • …to say nothing of Hadena, who still hasn’t released last week’s episode.

      • Saying nothing of Hadena is pretty much what I do all the time.

  8. So will you guys be subbing the OVA too? I think it comes out this week.

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