Posted by: AraAraUfufu | September 22, 2012

Eureka Seven AO 21

As you will notice, this episode featured quite a number of signs that went without typesetting. We checked if they are vital to the understanding of the show, and luckily, none of them were; mostly flourish. The two that were kinda sorta good to know received typesetting of course.

The lack of a dedicated and competent typesetter is still our heaviest crux. This is by no means an optimal solution, and even (and especially) flourish can sometimes add greatly to a show. Plus, we do want to stick around and we do want to make our releases as good as we can, but our capabilities in this area are limited despite our efforts. So, to repeat myself: If you’re a cool guy or gal and have a halfway decent grasp of typesetting (both criteria should be met!), we’d be happy to have you join our team!

Eureka Seven AO 21
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I’ll add bonus content should I actually hunt it down – doesn’t look like this is a song/record reference, though? Is this a first for the series?

E. to the rescue again! Of course, the title refers to a 1992 12″ from legendary Detroit techno pioneers Underground Resistance: “World 2 World”, not “World to World”. My bad. This will be changed accordingly for the batch, and of course, the next episode’s title will be adjusted to the correct “Galaxy 2 Galaxy“, a quasi-sequel by UR founder Mad Mike Banks.


– Ianu



  1. 1 seeder and 30 leechers.
    This is truly a sad day for the interwebs.

  2. I found two songs titled “World to world”, one by Kevin Yost and the other by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock. The one listed on Wiki is “World 2 World” by Underground Resistance, and it seems like a very good option (like the old E7 title songs), the next episode title could reference another of their songs “Galaxy to Galaxy”.

    • Ha, of course I didn’t think of putting it as “World 2 World”. Yeah, the Underground Resistance one looks very much possible now, especially since it was followed by “Galaxy 2 Galaxy” two years later… my bad, I’ll add this soonish and correct the episode titles for the batch. Thanks a lot!

      – Ianu

  3. Hi, i just wanna say thanks for your work, and i actually depending on your subs coz i translate it to arabic, & iam big fan, thanks alot and keep up your great work.

    • Oh wow, cool to hear!

      – Ianu

  4. are you guys gonna sub the special e7 ao :Flowers of Jungfrau that was realeased? im watching it now raw and even though i dont know what theyre saying it looks hilarious

    • I second this. Will you guys sub it?

      • We will, even if it might take us until the one-month break after episode 22 and before episode 23. Raw’s already secured, all that’s really left is for Bynoe to make some time in his busy schedule.

        – Ianu

  5. loved elena’s reations

  6. Hi! First of all I want to thank for your job. So… an OVA of “E7 AO” has came out… I was wondering if you will sub it

  7. First off, you guys have been doing a really great job, every release is always high quality.

    Mind you, I have to say… I can’t wait for you guys to finish subbing Episode 22 and get it out to us!!! Cause I watched the raw and now I have to know what’s going on…. epic ending….. and worse is that the animation team is now going on hiatus before the final two episodes are released…. or something like that.

    Still come on EPISODE 22!~

  8. are you also gonna sub the bonus content of the ova like the episode 51 of eureka seven and the eureka seven ova: the day after?

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