Posted by: AraAraUfufu | October 15, 2012

Suki-tte Ii na yo 02

Thank you for the warm reception of our first episode of Sukinayo. We hope we can keep up with your expectations!

Even more so than the first episode, the second one really shows the talents of director and script writer Takuya Satou, a veteran 1990s storyboarder. His style is neither flashy nor spectacular so he’s not exactly a household name, but he knows his craft and uses it for the best of any given show he’s working on. Sukinayo is another neat example; note how Satou elegantly rearranges the manga’s plot to bring out its essence. Good guy, Ianu approves.

Another thing of note is this very subdued sense of nostalgia that’s tinging the show, most noticeable maybe in the new OP. I’m not saying it’s a quasi-early 2000s show (because it isn’t, really), but hearing Ritsuko Okazaki again is a nice nod. Okazaki wrote this song for Love Hina back then; she died in 2004. Time sure flies.

Suki-tte Ii na yo 02
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– Ianu

PS. Sorry this ended up being later than expected; we spotted a problem and ended up having to re-encode after the script was finished… we’ll try to do better next week. Promise.



  1. Thank you

  2. Thanks!!!

  3. WICKED!

    Thanks so much for the episode! And hell, don’t worry about timing… it’s all good… we can wait!

    Thanks again and have a good night!

  4. You guys did an amazing job with this episode. I just re-watched the first episode from you and it was the best release of all the releases out there by far. Keep up the great work!

  5. Yay, finaly!


  6. Thanks for your hard work, I really loved the first episode, can’t wait for the others.

  7. wow. your release is actually good.

    • I’m not quite sure what you expected.

      • i don’t know what i expected. it’s just that i was surprised 🙂

  8. I loved your version guys! definitely the best!

  9. This is kinda late. But in the line “I saw Meru-tan’s commercial yesterday!” at the beginning of the episode, “Meru-tan” should be “Megu-tan.” Megu is short for Megumi who actually becomes a important character later in the story.

    Thanks for all your work though.

    • Thank you for the pointer! I admit I had only read the first two or three volumes at this point so I missed this, my bad.

      – Ianu

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