Posted by: AraAraUfufu | October 23, 2012

E7AO finale scheduled

According to the official page of Eureka Seven AO, the show’s double episode finale will be aired on TBS on November 19. The middle of the week is a bit tricky for us, and so will be the double length, but we’ll try to sub this reasonably fast.

– Ianu



  1. Finally. Too bad it is a little ways away, not that it was unaccepted to be. :3

  2. Thank you guys! Thanks a lot for what you do…

  3. Please please please get it subbed as soon as possible when it does happen. Be prepared for it as much as possible. Get volunteer workers… something.

    Cause I’ll be honest… I really want to know how it all ends… it’s already nibbling at my soul.

  4. Eh, do it in your own time–if we have to wait a bit longer, no problem. After the wait to the middle of November (what was the network thinking?), a few days more isn’t a big deal.

    I’m thankful that you’re taking time out to sub it in the first place. Thanks for the subs, guys. 🙂

    • Network wasn’t originally supposed to air the Olympics, so it wasn’t 100% there fault either. A ton of things went wrong.

  5. Well I’m looking forward to it! It’s been a long journey, but I hope we can get a satisfying conclusion… or maybe the rumors of an extra 2 cours is true?

  6. Sorry for my semi-absence… I’ll try to be there to ease the workload. 🙂

  7. IT’S THE DAY! What time does E7 air? The wait is going to kill me no matter waht.

    • The episode will air on Mnoday at 2741 JST, which translates to 1841 UTC and 1341 EST. As for when it will be out – saa~

      – Ianu

  8. Holy infernal blue hell, I watched the raw… While my Japanese is far from ‘good’, I understood enough to…
    Do you guys feel as shell-shocked and betrayed as I do?!
    Could you give me an ETA, for the subs, if such a thing is projectable?

    • I wish I had an ETA. This week has been all-around terrible for us in a number of ways. Sorry, really.

      – Ianu

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