Posted by: AraAraUfufu | November 19, 2012

Suki-tte Ii na yo 07

Back to our usual all-things-that-can-go-wrong-do-go-wrong everyday life. Sigh. The initial seeding will be slow, and the 480p release might take one more day. It’s getting boring to apologize all the time… but yeah, sorry. Really.

So, tomorrow is Aoday. Despite graveyard shifts at work and being busy with uni, we are going to try and get the episodes done as soon as we can – though double the runtime will more likely than not mean double the turnaround time, too. Let’s see if we can make this work out.

Edit: Yes, yes, a terrible day had to end with a v2-worthy mistake of course. Please use the patch below. The torrent is not yet updated due to the missing account details in combination with Nyaa’s teapot for my temp account.

Edit #2: 480p out, sorry for the delays.

Edit #3: Real 480p out. I’m really sorry about this, I messed a few things up so the release ended up having the video of episode 06. Won’t happen again, promise.

Suki-tte Ii na yo 07
Torrent [720p 10bit]:
Torrent [480p 8bit]: Download
XDCC [720p 10bit]: /MSG [AraAra]Ulmaevia XDCC SEND 49
XDCC [480p 8bit]: /MSG [AraAra]Ulmaevia XDCC SEND 51
Patch [720p 10bit]: Download

– Ianu



  1. Thanks for the great work.

    Also wanted to let you know of a missing line at 19:12.

    • Yup, missing line at that part.

      Comment: 0,0:19:11.86,0:19:19.01,Main 1,MEI,0,0,0,,But I thought there’s no reason Kurosawa\Nwould say anything to make himself look bad.

      that didn’t show up.

      • As usual, the very very last change to the script… sigh.

        – Ianu

  2. Thank you very much guys!

  3. 480p please (_ _)/

  4. Nice thx for the v2 🙂

  5. And so the wait for the AO finale subs begins…

  6. Can’t wait for the E7:AO finale. Looking forward to it!

  7. Can’t wait for the E7:AO finale. I’m looking forward to it!

  8. gg has already subbed E7AO 23-24; I take it progress is underway on our front?

    (Since we’re not first anyway, you might as well take your time…)

    • Dude, you could always drop by in our channel and see for yourself when you still consider yourself part of the team? You’re a good guy, a better editor than I am most probably, but you’re simply not there.

      – Ianu

      • To be fair, I don’t really consider myself part of the team, but I don’t really consider myself some random watcher either.

        I have around 6 papers to write in less than a week. I have no time.

        (I also never open my IRC client anyway)

  9. Are u kidding? :/
    480p –> video: episode 6 ; Audio+Sub: episode 7


    please re-upload or make V2

    • Thanks for Real 480p 🙂

      • Nah man, don’t thank us for fixing what shouldn’t have been broken in the first place. We’re sorry.

        – Ianu

  10. arigatou XD

  11. can someone please seed 480p? T~T

  12. Nobody seeding 480p 07v2? 😦

    • I’m sorry mate, this kinda went under our radar because of the recent problems we’ve been having. I’ve been seeding the file for a couple of days now and I’ll keep seeding it.

      – Ianu

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