Posted by: AraAraUfufu | November 25, 2012

Update (with nothing to say)

Some of you are (still) waiting for one of our releases, Eureka Seven AO 23&24 and/or Sukinayo 08, and I’m waiting with you. One of our key members  has gone AWOL and we can’t get any work done without him. I hate to say this, but I simply don’t know when we’re going to have these episodes out. Guess there’s no reason at all to wait for us at this point; I certainly wouldn’t.

We’ll keep you updated once things look up again.

Sorry, guys.

– Ianu



  1. it’s ok, we’ll be waiting until then, thanks for your work & effords

  2. I fully intend to wait.

  3. “Starting to look scarily like a real group…” – now with real drama 🙂

    Don’t sweat it, there’s enough other stuff coming out to sweeten the wait….

    What kind of work is it that would need to be done, btw.?

    • We’re stuck at translating.

      – Ianu

      • Ouch, that’s a problem right there. I always thought you were doing that yourself…

  4. We had to wait all this time just for the last 2 episodes of AO7 to air as it is, so waiting a bit longer for your release wont be a problem.

    Hopefully you’ll hear from your member soon, for your sake and ours.

  5. I’ll wait cuz I like you guyz hehe

  6. Same here. …Will wait for Sukinayo because I love your work more. 😀

  7. No worries; from what I understand, the last 2 eps of AO are more obligatory rather than satisfying to watch anyway…

    • Yeah, pretty much. Right up there with the endings on many Heinlein novels. Sadly.

  8. NOOOOOOOoooooooo……..!

    ;_; I’m crying. I’m seriously crying.

  9. I think I will finish Sukinayo with IB. I’ll use your subs for archiving though, because I think your subs are slightly better. Good luck with whatever is happening 🙂

  10. I’ll still wait here!! so, please…:(

  11. >Guess there’s no reason at all to wait for us at this point; I certainly wouldn’t.

    [sarcastic]Fine, will not wait anymore[/sarcastic]

  12. I’ll wait. I prefer good subs over sub par. I like the encoding and the only others I know of that are subbing this series: Horriblesubs (need to just quit), Commie (Eh. They can be good, but not from what I’ve seen), IB (Not too sure about this group, but on a certain site people say you are a better pick)… So… I will wait. :3 And Hadena, I believe within the first few episode dropped this series.

  13. That totally sucks… I will still archive your subs. Hopefully the AWOL person will appear again and finish Sukinayo 🙂

  14. I hope your TL is doing OK – busy or buried under real life rather than hurt or in some kind of accident. I’ll wait to archive your subs, but I like the show too much to wait to watch it. 😉

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