Q: What is your release policy?
A: TV releases will be in 720p 10bit and 480p 8bit. We aim to release within 24 hours after the episode airs in Japan.

Q: But I can’t play 10bit and/or 720p on my computer!
A: We know that people always lag behind in terms of technology; both Bynoe and Ianu only ever got NES systems back when the SNES was already beginning to feel outdated, so yeah, we feel your pain. Sadly, it’s simply not feasible any more to cover all possible options these days.

In case you are having trouble, you can always try updating the software side of things. A correctly installed CCCP is a good basis to work with, and this really useful guide by Coalgirls can help you run Hi10 encodes on lower end systems. mplayer2 is a viable alternative. If you want to play the 720p release on a standalone player or a smartphone, you can easily transcode it using Handbrake.

Q: The quality of your early releases of Eureka Seven AO is notably lower, do you have any plans to go back and fix them?
A: Yes, we do. We will provide updated scripts and styles, using the official BD subs as reference, in the form of both patches and batches. Additionally, you can expect a nice batch with BD encodes at some point in 2013, when the last BD is out in Japan.

Q: “What does ‘AraAra Ufufu’ mean, anyway?”



  1. Are you planning to do Aria the *tion or shall I wait till KoraKoraMumumu come up with their release?

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but we currently have no plans for subbing Aria. There may or may not be a chance in case we don’t find a fall season show to sub, but at this point, it’s pretty unlikely.


      – Ianu

  2. I think you guys should add a ‘Q&A’ in this section that reads, “What does ‘AraAra Ufufu’ mean, anyway?” because in the E7 forum I’m a member of, many people have been wondering.

    • sdgsrgebe is right of course; also, done =3

      – Ianu

  3. Alicia Florence (the one in the banner) always says ‘ara ara’

  4. Senpai , can you update Eureka Seven AO Ep. 23 – 24 ?
    at least 480p πŸ˜€
    Arigato πŸ™‚

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